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Version Release Date Description
2.1.18 4 Jul 2014

See the Change Log for a complete list of items in this release.

2.1.17 2 Dec 2013 Changes for Legacy V8. Suppress access to ‘tblER’ if V8 database.

Other maintenance changes.

2.1.15 16 Nov 2012 Added <Generations>…</Generations> and <BirthPlace>…</BirthPlace> elements to toc.xml. Users will have to manually change their aartoc.xsl file to make use of these new elements.

Other maintenance changes.

2.1.14 31 Mar 2012 Changes to aar2.css and aar.xsl to display images with a border and shadow.

Other maintenance changes.

2.1.13 2 Aug 2011 Convert formatting codes in AAR Note event to HTML.

Changed to handle multiple AAR Note events … will concatenate them together to form one super AAR Note.

Changes to aar2.css for links in AAR Note event.

Changes to aar2.css and aar.xsl to display images inline instead of as a link.

2.1.12 3 Jul 2011 Corrected display of version info in page footers. Also changed footers to display date in long format.

Include child status on non-terminal children.

2.1.11 13 Mar 2011 Main Window – allow a negative number to be entered in the except for bottom ‘n’ generations field.
2.1.10 7 Mar 2011 Main Window – added a check to see if Start RIN exists before proceeding.
2.1.9 17 Feb 2011 Changed various URLs to point to the new website.
2.1.7 21 Sep 2009 Fixed System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException caused when birth or death date does not include a year. 

Also fixed it so that top-most ancestors aren’t processed more than once (caused when lines of descent converge back together).

2.1.6 3 May 2009 Index – use Baptism Date if Birth Date not populated. 

Index – use Buried Date if Death Date not populated.

2.1.5 26 Mar 2009 Additional Win64 support.
2.1.4 25 Mar 2009 Product Registration – fixed problem in dialog which was keeping Win64 users from being able to register the product.
2.1.3 11 Feb 2009 Initial public release.

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