All Ancestors Report – Main Window Help…

Title Bar:

See help on Command Line Parameters.

Menu/File (Open Legacy Database):

Tells AAR which Legacy family file (.fdb) to use when creating reports.

Menu/File (Exit):

Closes the AAR program.

Menu/Options (Customize):

Opens the Customize dialog.

Menu/Help (Help):

Sends you to the AAR Help website (here).

Menu/Help (Product Registration):

Opens the Product Registration dialog.

Menu/Help (License)

Displays the software license.

Menu/Help (About):

Displays program information (version, copyright, etc.).

Legacy Database:

Displays the currently selected Legacy family file (.fdb).

Start RIN:

Enter the RIN of the person whose ancestors you wish to generate reports for.

Except for bottom … generations:

Enter the number of generations at the bottom of the family tree that you wish to exclude from the reports. For example, if your child is the starting RIN, you may wish to exclude 3 or 4 generations from the bottom of the family tree in order to eliminate any living relatives.


Walks up the family tree from the Starting RIN to the top of every ancestral line and populates the Top-most Ancestors list with the names and number of generations of each Top-most Ancestor.

Top-most Ancestors:

Displays the names and number of generations of each Top-most Ancestor.


Opens the Run dialog. After successfully Previewing the top-most ancestors, click this to generate your reports.

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