“WP Show On” WordPress Plugin…

Current Version: 1.0
WP Show On is a WordPress plugin which displays page/post content conditionally, based on a start and end date.
To use WP Show On, insert the page/post content that you wish to conditionally display, then wrap it with shortcodes as follows…

[ show on <start date> | <end date> ]
Conditional content.
[ show off ]

The plugin will parse <start date> and <end date> using PHP’s strtotime() function in an attempt to determine the starting and ending dates. If determined, the content will be emitted if the current date falls between the starting and ending dates.
Here is an example…

Enter some content here.
[ show on Mar 18, 2011 08:00am EDT | Mar 25, 2012 06:00pm EDT ]
<p>I will temporarily be...</p>
<p>Please check back again after March 25th...</p>
[ show off ]
Enter additional content here.

To install the WP Show On plugin:
  1. Download the WP Show On plugin from here to a folder on your PC.
  2. Install the WP Show On plugin from the WordPress Dashboard using Plugins/Add New.
  3. Activate the WP Show On plugin.
Of course, these instructions assume you know something about WordPress and how to install WordPress plugins.
See license here.

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