Legacy Tables…

These are the names of all the known tables that you will find in a Legacy *.fdb database (updated for V8), along with a brief description…
Table Name Description
tblAR Address Records
tblBP Multimedia Path Records
tblBR Multimedia Records
tblCP Master Child-Parent Relationship Records
tblCR Child Records
tblCS Master Child Status Records
tblDM Do Not Merge List
tblER Event Records
tblET Master Event Type Records
tblEX Shared Event Records
tblFP Family Search Project Records
tblFS Family Search Records
tblFX Family Search Setting Records
tblHB Bookmark Records
tblHL History List
tblHR Miscellaneous Database Stuff
tblIR Individual Records
tblLR Master Location Records
tblMR Marriage Records
tblMS Marriage Status
tblNR Master Surname Records
tblNX Name Index
tblRM Reminder Records
tblRO Shared Event Role Records
tblSR Master Source Records
tblST Master Source Type Records
tblSX Source Detail Records
tblTC Master To-Do Category Records
tblTD To-Do Records
tblTL Master To-Do Location Records
tblTR Temple Records
tblXI Deleted Individual Record IDs
tblXM Deleted Marriage Record IDs

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