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Table Details for: tblBR (Multimedia Records)
Column Name Data Type Size Description User Comments
IDBR AutoNumber 232 Primary key of table tblBR.
IDIR Long 232 Foreign key pointing to tblIR.

Also a foreign key to other tables. See tblBR.IDType.
IDType BYTE 28 0=IDIR, 1=IDMR, 2=IDSR 0 thru 4 - tblBR.IDIR points to tblIR

20 - tblBR.IDIR points to tblMR

30 - tblBR.IDIR points to tblER

40 - tblBR.IDIR points to tblSR

41 - tblBR.IDIR points to tblSX

70 - tblBR.IDIR points to tblAR

71 - tblBR.IDIR points to tblLR
PicType BYTE 28 0=Picture, 1=Sound, 2=Video
PicOrder Integer 216
PicName VARCHAR 255
IDBPPic Long 232 ID to Picture Paths Foreign key pointing to tblBP.
PicCaption VARCHAR 255
PicDate VARCHAR 30
PicDesc MEMO 1GB
PicPrint BYTE 28 0=No, 1=Yes Print
PicSoundName VARCHAR 255
PicSoundNameURL VARCHAR 255
IDBPSound Long 232 ID to Sound Paths Foreign key pointing to tblBP.
Used BYTE 28
PicPref BYTE 28
FilingRef VARCHAR 50
Primary & Foreign Keys for table tblBR are highlighted.
BIT values can be 0 or 1
BYTE values can range from 0 to +255
Integer values can range from -32,768 to +32,767
Long (and AutoNumber) values can range from -2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647
Single (single-precision floating-point)
Double (double-precision floating-point)

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