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Table Details for: tblSX (Source Detail Records)
Column Name Data Type Size Description User Comments
IDSX AutoNumber 232 Primary key of table tblSX.
IDSR Long 232 Foreign key pointing to tblSR.
IDIME Long 232 IndiID or MarID or EventID. see Type Foreign key pointing to various tables. Look for another column in this table to tell you which table it is.
Type BYTE 28 0-7=IndiID, 20=MarID, 30=EventID. 0=unspecified, 1=Name, 2=AltGiven, 3=AltLast, 4=Birth, 5=Chr, 6=Death, 7=Buried Determines which table tblSX.IDIME points to and, in addition, which field in that table is being sourced.

Values listed in the 'Description' column are incomplete.

See http://zippersoftware.com/wp/ltools/legacys-database/tblsx-type/ for the details.
SrcDetail MEMO 1GB
SrcSurety BYTE 28
SrcPrint BYTE 28
SrcPrintDetail BYTE 28
SrcPrintText BYTE 28
SrcDetText MEMO 1GB
SrcDetNote MEMO 1GB
SrcPrintNote BYTE 28
EnteredD VARCHAR 100
EnteredSD Long 232 Sortable version of EnteredD.
FilingRef VARCHAR 50
Order Integer 216
Used BYTE 28
Verified BYTE 28
Content MEMO 1GB
Override MEMO 1GB combine all three override formats separated by //
OverrideFootnote BYTE 28
OverrideSubsequent BYTE 28
OverrideBibliography BYTE 28
SrcSource BYTE 28
SrcEvidence BYTE 28
SrcInfo BYTE 28
Primary & Foreign Keys for table tblSX are highlighted.
BIT values can be 0 or 1
BYTE values can range from 0 to +255
Integer values can range from -32,768 to +32,767
Long (and AutoNumber) values can range from -2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647
Single (single-precision floating-point)
Double (double-precision floating-point)

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