These are all known tblSX.Type values and their use in Legacy. The tblSX.Type column tells you which Legacy table the IDIME column refers to, as well as the particular piece of data that is being sourced.
Type IDIME (Foreign Table) Comment
0 tblIR Unspecified
1 tblIR Name
2 tblIR Birth
3 tblIR Baptism
4 tblIR Death
5 tblIR Burial
6 tblIR General Notes
7 tblIR Research Notes
8 tblIR Medical Notes
9 tblIR Death Cause
10 tblNX
11 tblCR Status
12 tblCR Father Relationship
13 tblCR Mother Relationship
15 tblIR LDS Baptism
16 tblIR LDS Endowment
17 tblCR LDS Sealed to Parents
18 tblMR LDS Sealed to Spouse
19 tblIR Never Married
20 tblMR
21 tblMR Notes
22 tblMR Did Not Marry
23 tblMR Had No Children
26 tblIR LDS Confirmation
27 tblIR LDS Initiatory
30 tblER Individual
31 tblER Marriage
40 tblTD

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