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LTools will be retired effective 1 Jan 2016.
On 1 Jan 2016 I will issue the final release (1.4), which will make ALL tools available FOR FREE, including the so-called Deluxe tools.
This final release will remain available permanently (or until I croak).
Anyone who requires access to the Deluxe tools prior to 1 Jan 2016 can continue to purchase LTools at it’s current price until then.
I will continue to provide as much support as possible (keeping in mind that there will be no more releases) to anyone who has paid for LTools prior to 1 Jan 2016.
Product registration is required in order to unlock the deluxe features of LTools. Effective 1 Jan 2013, the cost is $12.95 (USD) and is payable through PayPal using a major credit card. You do not need a PayPal account to register.
Upon payment you will receive a confirmation email and a product key that can be used to unlock the deluxe features.
Benefits of registering LTools:
  • Access to deluxe features.
  • Registered users are entitled to all future upgrades of the registered product free.
  • Registered users are entitled to support, which will normally be provided via email.
Before registering, you should first download, install, and try running the latest free version of LTools. Once the LTools main window is displayed, open the sample Legacy database (sample.fdb) that was installed with Legacy and try running one of the non-deluxe features (perhaps Set Private/Invisible). This will insure that your PC has all necessary components installed and that you have a working copy of LTools before you proceed with registration.
Click on the Buy Now button to register:
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