What is Web Page Creator

Web Page Creator is a program that will create HTML5/CSS3 compliant static web pages from a Legacy Family Tree database.
The program’s output is based on several templates, which can be customized as much as you like. So if you don’t like the default layout which comes with the program, you are free to redesign it. The program looks for certain tokens in the templates, {husbbirth} for example, and replaces it with the appropriate data. And external CSS style sheets allow you to change dimensions, colors, fonts, etc.
This program was released on 1 Jul 2014. It currently produces Family Group style web pages. It does not display individual/marriage events (because of event sentences. It does display sources, but not source details (because of SourceWriter).
A sample of program’s output (my RONGYOS family one-name study) can be found here.
Product registration is required in order to unlock Web Page Creator. The cost is $7.95 (USD).

An early “beta” version of the program is available for a free trial by clicking here. A short set of instructions are also included as ‘WPCquickstart.rtf’. This file can be located in the program’s installation folder, or you can just run the program and click on the “Help|Quick Start…” menu item. It does not require registration.
Please contact me at dennis@zippersoftware.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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