What is WP Legacy…

Version: 1.00 (released: 8 Sep 2011)
CAUTION: This plugin is *not* supported under a MultiSite installation of WordPress!
WP Legacy is a WordPress Plugin (set of PHP scripts and related files) which displays genealogy data derived from a Legacy Family Tree GEDCOM file and loaded in a set of MySQL tables.
My goals in developing this software were:
  1. Must fit into the WordPress environment/architecture.
  2. Must be clean & simple.
  3. Must be customizable thru the use of CSS and templates.
  1. Admin page for configuring the Plugin. (sample)
  2. Admin page for loading the GEDCOM into MySQL. (sample)
  3. Search by first & last name with wildcards. (demo)
  4. Index and sub-index pages. (demo)
  5. Support for multiple databases (via the ‘Tag’ property).
To-Do List:
  1. Support for other types of GEDCOMs (meaning non-Legacy).
If you can run WordPress on your host, then this Plugin should work.
WP Legacy has not been tested with Legacy SourceWriter sources (yet). Nor has it been tested with a Legacy V7 GEDCOM (yet). I will update this info when warranted.
If you have any suggestions for additional functionality, contact me at dennis@zippersoftware.com.
If you would like to be added to my WP Legacy Distribution List, just drop me a line at dennis@zippersoftware.com. By doing so you will receive email notifications when new versions of WP Legacy are released. When you purchase WP Legacy you will be automatically added to the list. If you would like to be removed from the list, just let me know.

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